My Story

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At the age of 12, after having discovered two old nylon-string guitars buried at the back of a wardrobe at home, my older brother and I began lessons with local guitar teacher, Neil Jones. Those early lessons helped to secure my foundation in technique, and also introduced me to lots of guitar-oriented rock music (like Guns N Roses, Extreme, Joe Satriani etc…), which sparked my interest in the early days. The lessons with Neil came to an end after a year or so, but I continued to learn by myself, either through figuring out songs by ear, or from the internet, and occasionally from guitar magazines and books

My childhood was spent in relative isolation from my peers, (primarily due to growing up surrounded by fields and forest in a rural corner of Hertfordshire) but this remoteness allowed me to spend my evenings playing guitar, and escaping into my musical explorations, without the social distractions that most kids would have been dealing with at that age.

In my late-teens, with my interests gradually expanding beyond rock and into jazz, I left home and moved up north to study Jazz at Leeds College of Music. During this time, I began my work as a composer/bandleader, beginning to perform with my own projects on the local jazz scene, as well as dedicating all available hours of each day to guitar practise, music listening, jamming with friends, and attending gigs.

After three years in Leeds, I moved down to London to study at the Royal Academy of Music for a further 2 years, and during that time, I formed many musical alliances that have been integral to much of the music that I am making today. 

I have since remained in London, building a career for myself within the city’s thriving jazz scene, and have performed with internationally renowned musicians including Terence Blanchard, Martin Speake, Byron Wallen, Adam Glasser and many more. 

In 2017, I co-released the critically acclaimed album Pond Life as part of the group Big Bad Wolf, with whom in 2020 I also co-released two singles on all digital platforms. As a band-leader, I released my first EP: Road Fork in 2018, and then in 2019, released my debut album ‘Slow Burn’, both of which feature Huw V Williams on bass and Jay Davis on drums.

I continue to write and record my own music, as well as performing, both as a leader and side-man in various different projects. I am also a Jazz and Popular Music Lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire, and a guitar teacher at Dame Alice Owen’s School in Hertfordshire.

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