Martin Speake – Alto Saxophone
Alyson Cawley – Tenor Saxophone
Mike De Souza – Guitar
Will Glaser – Drums

Recently showcased during London Jazz Festival at Cadogan Hall, Charukesi is a newly formed project – a pared-down version of Martin Speake’s previous 7-piece group ‘Fever Pitch’. Charukesi was formed to reflect Martin’s interest in rhythmic music from around the world including Arabic, Indian and Turkish influences. In Martin’s words, “I felt I wanted to play music that is very immediate for audiences and is simple harmonically, groove based and the improvising consists of primarily melodic and rhythmic development rather than based on chord changes.” Featuring Mike De Souza on guitar; Will Glaser on drums and Alyson Cawley on tenor sax and clarinet – all young luminaries in their own right.