Slow Burn

The Jazz Mann ★★★★ 

“an impressive début…the writing is intelligent and multi-faceted with the trio embracing a variety of moods and musical styles.”

All About Jazz ★★★½

“Slow Burn is an impressive show of musical innovation and displays the guitarist’s knack for experimentation as much as his roots in jazz tradition.”

London Jazz News

“Each composition has a twist to it that comes unexpectedly and invents a story for the listener.”


“De Souza is an engaging and creative improviser, and a clever composer. I especially like his use of groove games and subtle rhythmic shifts. It makes his music feel as though it’s constantly evolving.”

DPRP (9.5/10)

“I am just simply bewitched, smitten and full of enthusiastic ardour for Slow Burn… This album is able to thaw my inner thoughts and reach parts of me that have been frozen for years.”